Have You Thought About Creating A Topiary Garden?

"The pack of hounds topiaries is one of Ladew Topiary Gardens most well-known feature.Photo: Ladew Gardens staff

Topiaries are an ancient gardening art form and not one you come across every day. But one U.S. city has 22 acres filled with 150 curiously shaped shrubbery plants.

The Ladew Topiary Gardens is located in Monkton, Maryland, and was created by Harvey S. Ladew in the 1930s. He converted a portion of farmland into gardens with the help of local farmers.

Ladew was a well-traveled man who was wealthy from birth. His love of foxhunting prompted him to buy Pleasant Valley Farm in November 1929. He was also passionate about gardening and spent his days integrating what he saw in Europe into his home.

Throughout the rest of his life he created 15 “garden rooms,” each with its own theme. He used metal frames for his topiary art and the plants would grow up through, and around, the frames. The hemlock topiari…

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